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Christmas Digital Greeting Card: Instead Of Gifts...

Christmas Digital Greeting Card: Instead Of Gifts...

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Prepare for a dose of holiday honesty with our uproarious digital download Christmas card! 🌟

This side-splitting card measures a festive 4.25" x 5.5", available in both .png and .pdf formats for an instant and humorous way to spread Christmas joy. 🎁🤶

🎄 Opinions as Gifts: Move over, presents! This Christmas, it's all about sharing your unique perspective in a hilarious way.

🎅 Santa's Verbal Gift: Featuring a cartoon Santa Claus, this card is perfect for your best friend or anyone who appreciates a good laugh with their holiday cheer.

😂 The Gift of Humor: Swap out traditional Christmas gifts for a good chuckle. This funny Christmas card is the gift that keeps on giving.

💌 Printable Wit: With this digital download, you're not just sending a card – you're gifting opinions wrapped in humor. Print it out and let the laughs commence.

🌟 For the Honest Celebrator: Ideal for those who prefer candor over candy canes, this card is perfect for the friend who values your unfiltered opinions.

🎁 Merry Christmas, Unfiltered: Spread the merriment with a touch of cheeky honesty. This card is a unique way to say Merry Christmas with a twist.

🃏 Unique and Memorable: Our Christmas card stands out with its witty sentiment, making it a memorable choice for the holiday season.

Download, print, and spread the laughter with this one-of-a-kind Christmas card. 🎅🤣 Explore our collection for more creatively designed digital download cards for all your festive moments. 🌈🎉

* These are .png & .pdf files download only, it is NOT a card and envelope

>>>>>>> Would you like to get a PAPER GREETING CARD mailed directly to you or your recipient instead? Click here.

You can use this for your own personal use but you cannot resell or use it for any commercial purposes. This means you could download the file, print it on a piece of paper or shirt or mug or whatever you want BUT you cannot SELL that product later.

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