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Birthday Digital Greeting Card: This Birthday Card Is Late...

Birthday Digital Greeting Card: This Birthday Card Is Late...

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Looking for a belated birthday card that's guaranteed to make them laugh (and forgive you for forgetting)? Look no further! This card is so funny, it'll make them forget that their birthday was actually yesterday.

With its hilarious design and witty message, this card is sure to bring a smile to their face (even if it is a few days late). Whether you're apologizing for forgetting their special day or just trying to make them laugh, this card is the perfect way to do it.

So go ahead and print this belated birthday card today. After all, better late than never, right? Just don't forget to set a reminder for next year!

--> This awesome card template is in .png and .pdf format and you can print it immediately on your own printer.

This card says the following text:
"This birthday card is late. Also, there's no money in it. I guess this just isn't your day."

* These are .png & .pdf files download only, it is NOT a card and envelope

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You can use this for your own personal use but you cannot resell or use it for any commercial purposes. This means you could download the file, print it on a piece of paper or shirt or mug or whatever you want BUT you cannot SELL that product later.

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